Tuesday, February 27, 2007

monday morning

We are all having fun. We are dancing to the tunes of A.R.Rehman.We all forget that its 3.00 AM in morning. We all forget that it is the time of devils. We are all conscious in our unconscious mind. We all forget that it is Monday (or Sunday night). Then after some time, when everyone gets tired, we start talking about interesting things (girls!!!). After one hour we are all tired, our legs start to pain. We go to bed.


When Cinderella is in our dreams, devil’s voice enters our ears in the form of alarm. The dream should not be disturbed, this will be our motto. We move our hand in every direction without straining our eyelids. We try to feel the sound of alarm by our hand (and not by our ears….). After rigorous effort we find the alarm clock, we get it closer. After few seconds of struggle, we open our eyelids. The whole world looks dark. We don’t want to see anything except for the arms in clock. We see the time and it shows 7:25 AM.

Then we try to recollect our memory. We remember the timetable. We remember that there is teacher waiting for us. We try to get out of the bed. We try to fight against the Cinderella. We battle against the bed (which always invites us). We hate the teacher for a moment. We know we are fighting against a cause which one cannot win. Then after few minutes of struggle you give up. You go to bed. You forget about the teacher. You forget about the class. The only thing you remember is that you are with Cinderella.

Then suddenly you die (in your dreams). You wake up. Your dream is broken. You sit straight on the bed. Then you look at the watch. It shows what you don’t want to see. The time is 11:30 AM. Then you remember the teacher, you remember the grades. You remember the classes you missed. You are not happy. You forget anything and everything about Cinderella. You wish u had won the battle. You wish u were at home (and not hostel). You wish you were with your mother, who would have spanked you and send to your class.

Then after some time you realize it is lunch time. You get up from bed and take the brush, go to the bathroom and try to brush your teeth, you see your friends coming back from class. Then you feel ashamed (but show off as if you are doing something great).

Then you decide to write down your feelings and waste one more hour of your life.

Thank you for reading this.

Thumu Karthik

(Inspired by Mark Twain)