Sunday, February 28, 2010


Screaming like a dog
In the midst of fog,
Engulfed by pain
I try in vain.

Twilight Kisses my Ass
Just to Harass
In clutches of dark
I was left alone to bark.

Sitting in form of Indian litter
I hope the future to glitter
Breeze whistles in my ear
I wish not to hear.

Its because I took the Road not Taken
Which said Forsaken
My eyes are now moist
Fuck Robert Frost !!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Psychopath Revitalized

The great ‘Karthik’ {damn my name its soooooo unoriginal!! Fuck Farhan Akhtar for making a movie with two Karthik’s as if the existing ones were not enough} has been invited to “Youth Social engineering conclave” in New York. The invitation was signed by none other than President OBAMA. Can you believe it??!! Me neither. So I was awakened by a sense of euphoria, it was just a dream :D.

These kind of dreams introduced me to ‘Sigmund Freud : Interpreting dreams’, It is a boring, precarious, fucked up book. It made me realize that any philosophy literature or a philosopher’s view is always unarticulated, whereas it’s that area which needs to be most precise. I came across innumerable illegible Dream theories in it but none seemed comprehensive. So here is an attempt by one more seriously fucked up individual ‘Me’ to propose a new dream theory.
As a preamble to my dream theory, you have to understand my brain theory. So here it comes, beware!!

“Our mind consists of three types of Memory systems i.e. Static memory, processed memory and Functional or Cache memory. Functional memory consists of a universal Bios setup which controls two operating system’s i.e. Stupi-DOS and Creativ-UX. These operating systems are generic and only one can operate at any given time.”

Ain’t the computer’s having an influence on the kids :P. It is observed that daily awakened life uses majorly Stupi-DOS and a rarely Creativ-UX. Our universal bios setup like a responsible government doesn’t tolerate a monopoly of any operating system, However it cannot act against the will of the memory. So it succumbs to our daily awakened duties, just to operate Stupi-DOS. In our daily life we observe and those that are intriguing are stored in our static memory. When Stupi-DOS is operational it only calls for those items from memory which satisfy our carnal needs to the processing, rest languishes in dark corners. Our brain like a hard drive has a tendency to delete unused items. Congruous to the above information, I state my dream theory:

“Unprocessed memory is attended during our sleep. To curb the monopoly of already overused Stupi-DOS the bios setup initiates Creativ-UX during sleep but unfortunately during sleep only omission process is allowed. So creative-UX omits everything but captures those which are found in our semi sleep. Dream length is directly proportional to amount of unprocessed brain”

Just to recapitulate “My mind’s all fucked up!!”