Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Boss

“I have already informed you, there isn’t any work for incompetents in my office. I have already proscribed you to my clients. So don’t call me anymore”. Those must have been the worst-ever introductory words to trainee. The person who spoke the words was Rajeev and may gods pacify the soul on the other end. He was furious and I was perplexed. Only thought lingering in my mind was ‘Apni toh lag gayi Boss’. He spears me a look and with a twilight in his eyes “Hey, you must be Karthik”, amazed by the cadence in his tone like a Soordas after Metallica “Yes Sir”, Thus commenced my Designhaaus voyage captained by Ar.Rajeev Kumar Sharma.

Rajeev passed out from Kharagpur in 2002.He did get a campus placement but never got a job, 9/11 did impact a few lives. So he went to Mumbai and attempted tutoring mathematics to CAT aspirants but it turned out to be an ephermal stint. He searched for a career in Architecture which lead him to southern India. He tried bourgeoisie's till 2005 but his physic intolerance grew to obnoxious levels leading to the origin of Designhaaus Pvt. Ltd. Some of his batch mates inspired by his intrepidity championed his cause. A 100 sft small scale single employee firm grew to 1500 sft middle scale multi city headquarters. During primitive years, a small residence was not that ‘small’ but today you have to be a large scale builder professionally involved with the office for a consideration to residence design. Designhaaus has been consulted for projects worth more than 2000cr and have on-going projects worth more than 400cr.For many mortals its end of the tunnel but for Rajeev “Abhi toh shuru hua hain yaar”.

You must have read about a character like this on every fifth page of economic times and must have been a much more successful entrepreneur. So what makes Rajeev so special? First of all, he’s from Kharagpur!! Secondly, he has achieved everything without any patrimony and he’s just a twenty nine year old bachelor. Thirdly, his vision to ameliorate the whole natural and built design environment. So the next immediate question, what makes up Rajeev? He’s ardent passion and workaholic characteristics. He is at office when morning cock is setting up its alarm and god knows when he is out, never risked to wait for him. His acumen is incredulous, he can estimate the feasibility of large scale project with a glimpse of the site layout and at the same time can give you a tutorial on miniscule architectural details. He’s an apotheosis of Archi-science, if there exists one. His a ‘chalta-phirta’ inspiration for all budding Architects/Entrepreneurs. At the end of it, I wish his competitors all the luck, they will surely need it!!

P.S.: Sending a copy to Rajeev, kgp ke log treat ke liye kuch bi karengay!!