Wednesday, December 31, 2008

KGP life

I copy pasted it from facebook... but this deserves a space in my blog...

1. You've never had breakfast at the mess.

2. DOSA for you isn't a thing to eat, but you feel like eating him.

3. You've suffered from Conjuctivitis/Jaundice in the Insti.

4. You've never had lunch at the mess.

5. You've never attended lectures before 9:30.

6. You think Sugar n Spice is the most stylish place in the world.

7. You're addicted to How I met your mother and californication.

8. More than half your t-shirts are from ecell, kshitij or sf.

9.You tried learning how to play the guitar, but gave up eventually.

10. Cheddis is the best place in the world.

11. You've never attended Snacks in the mess.

12. Your stomach grumbles every time you have Swagat food.

13. You've heard Comfortably Numb and Mauja hi Mauja coming out from the same room.

14.You've never attended dinner at the mess.

15. You wouldn't be alive if JCB Canteen wasn't there.

16. You've set the alarm in time for the first class in the morning, but then reset it for the first class in the afternoon, and then reset it for the snacks.

17. You've slept through Spring Fest/Kshitij.

18. You're wondering how few episodes of Big Bang Theory are there.

19. Your cycle's suffered multiple crashes. And so have you.

20. A crow has crapped on you on the way to the Tech Market.

21. You've riden through the streets of Kharagpur and contimplated suicide.

22. You know that if all else fails, there is always the grog shop.

23. Whenever you go to a Cafe outside Kharagpur, you ask for Frappe and Lemon Iced Tea.

24. You crib about missing City life in Kharagpur.

25. You crib about missing Kharagpur life in the City.

26. You have a book overdue by 2 months to the hall library.

27. You've fucked off a lecture because your friends/people from your lecture are watching IPL in the common room.

28. Your standard reply when you see the lecturer who's lecture you just skipped is "got cycle punctured".

29. Turning up at 9.15 for your 9 o clock lecture is considered by you to be on time.

30. You sleep through most of your lectures. And your friends take your picture and put it on Orkut/Facebook.

31.banda bandi load peace makhau tempo funde lele machau bakchodi chutiyaps compu poltu studapa god hugga mugga and yeah the third rhyming word to the above two!

32. You think that there will be some hot girls in the junior batch who you'll try and hook up with. And this happens every year.

33. You don't have water for 8 hrs and when it finally starts, it looks like its dissolved with coffee and dog crap.

34. Your parents have more of a social life than you.Your 14-year-old brother has more of a social life than you.

35. When preparing for Mid/End Sems, you consider 2 am early. And think you have enough time to prepare. And then go and play a game of Counter Strike/ Age of Empires before getting back to studies.

36. You've crapped and realised that the water supply isn't there.

37. Frappes.

38. You think they named it mess appropriately.

39. You confuse sunrise with sunset. And males with females.

40. Your definition of disco is PERPZ.

41. You bitch about TDS being a crappy society and you go to watch each one of their shows.

42. You abuse KGP politu stuff and never miss an opportunity to get involved and machau gandagi.

43. Chana Patties.

44. You still drink slice and wonder why the only production of it is done in Kharagpur. Plus you notice the red crappy stuff sticking to every bottle of it which looks like some liquified tablet.

45. You believe in Rock! If you want Pop, go call your Dad.

46. DC++ Zindabad. You've waited for days to download from the top sharer.

47. You'd rather sleep thirsty than fill up the water from the water filter. You'd rather be thirsty than drink water that looks as if its filled with crap and ketchup.

48. You didn't know Fried Maggi existed. But love the Fried Maggi from Chillies.

49. Bondhu's rocks!!!

50. Bhajans are now a very important part of your life. More important than rock, certainly.

51. You think Illumination sucks, but still do it every year.

52. You have spammed thousands of profs in US/Europe demanding an intern position. And sent a &%$# mail if he say it can be an unpaid internship.

53. You finished two seasons of Friends/Prison Break in two days just before the mid-sems. And finished two more seasons during the mid-sems.

54.You try your best to ensure the complete secrecy of your Birthday, or bluff that you were born in December/May/June/July... only to find your ass taken completely by surprise an unsuspecting midnight !!

55. Yent ra.

56. Nescafe.

57.Doing assignments means cogging assignments to you. And half your assignments are completed only the class before the class you've to submit the assignments in.

58. Slept through SOPs. Learnt how to sleep while standing in SOP.

59. You know a sentence with zig zag zig zag and ... insti ka baap hai!

60.You know more about vertical chatais, then horizontal chatais (mattress).

61. You have stood up on 7th floor of tables. (with your mates trying to throw it/you.)

62. You know 1,2,11,14 means yes, no, lol, and "start the game already" respectively.

63. You have worn 3 or more underwears on your birthday and have stuffed newspaper in your trousers on your birthday, to try lessen the pain. Only to be beaten up twice, and know the difference.

64. You still watch that 1960's or so Kgp video on LAN (the one that opens with a view of our fav railway station and starts with "You can take a an IITian out of Kgp, but not Kgp out of an IITian) specially when you are a final year. And you think that's boring. But still you continue to watch it.

65.If your mess golgappa was the worst Golgappa in the world(as if), you would still have it.

66) You have gone to 'sub committee' meetings with the sole purpose of raising a storm over a tea cup. And we can't forget to poltu machaing. And gandagi karing. And kuch huha bc roy sn hall blah blah.

67) Tech market is like a shopping mall for you. You've been noticing the decreasing number of pani puris which come for 5 bucks. First 10, then 8 and now 7! Do they want us to die?

68) Your idea of going to a treat is taking 3-4 taxis to GIH/GI/TPark, stopping the taxi on the way to stock up alcohol, returning after midnight and then jhandaoing at golC, and yes clicking thousands of pics of the entire process. And then thinking KGP Life is the best.

69. The single most used word which encapsulates life here is.....drumroll..... frust.You are so frustrated with the length of the word frustrated because you use it so many frustrating times that you get frustrated and end up making a short form of the word so you don't get frustrated saying frustrated all the time. Wasn't that frustrating?

70. Frussssst.Acads, Food, Profs, Wingie for not returning your set square which you need in TA Lab and it's already 1:35 and you're gonna be late, Dhobi banging on your door all the time, Lack of the fairer sex,Bad water supply when you finally decide to have a bath after a week, Bills, Study material, Recharge, Smelly clothes, Pending assignments, Seniors telling you to do work for them, frequent quizzes.Need more?

71. You either have really long hair or no hair at all(Either way, you look like a dork, so what the hell).

72. Spring Fest. Enter bandis. Enter you with james bond music and pressed clothes(okay, pushing it too far). Sexual tension(or so you hope). Hesitation. First Sight?(No love?) Tryst at making conversation. Sweat glands overgrowing. Ignored. Leaves. Sulks. Next day. New pressed clothes...

73. You find sexual innuendos in your assignments.

74. You thought getting into IIT was difficult, trying getting out, bitch.

75. Dep Sento(Yo Archies!). Hall Tempo. GC fight. Insti ka baap.

76. You've lost your ID Card and\or registered late for a semester. You know the hassles of the Academic Section, Bank, Account Section, HOD, Dean(s), random prof(s).

77. You came in your 1st year with the hopes of a DepC only to find out that GC and DC are more important.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


It’s hard to blog when you are in a city and it’s even harder if you are working. I didn’t realize this during my lazy and pointless nightouts at Kharagpur. You never get that personal space here, in my case it’s almost impossible. I always wondered in my school days ' I like writing but why am I not able to Write'. Now I think my wonder has lost its glamour. I travel more than 50 Km daily and my petrol bill has almost made me bankrupt. I am so optimistic that I am confident of completing 8 jobs in a single day. I want to emulate Amir Khan's feat of 8pack abs during my six months of stay. I want to make use of the guitar that was left behind by one of my lovely seniors. I want to bell cat 2009.I have other 4 academic jobs and want to excel in each one of them. I want to catch up with all my friends and I want to keep the promises that I made to them during countless online chats. I want to run my company. At the end of it all 'I want to write'. Sorry for citing so many excuses for a delayed post. I know there’s a saying ‘where there is will there is way’. Trust me, my will is endless but my time is not.
So today at Christmas Eve I am empty, both mind and pocket. My mind is filled with vacuum. I haven't been thinking for past 20 days, I have allowed my surroundings to take over me. It’s like I have become a puppet of my own goals. I have lost track of my goals too, I am just doing whatever people want me to do. I have been split among my professional workspace and personal relations. It’s tough to be alien to both of these. When I planned my stay at city from my room in Kharagpur, it was all perfect. I planned each one of my minutes and priorities were all set. But now that I am here, I realize it’s all misplanned. All my plans are proved to be as brittle as glass. So my mind is empty .It is reluctant for a while!!
Then after a while it again starts to plan. It's so mean!! It wants me to try again but with a revised plan that it has generated. It has a thorough knowledge that it is asking me to achieve almost impossible and it is sure that I will fail. But it wants me try and fail again. Again go through all the agony that I have mentioned already. It wants me to do it so that I will be that Spider. Remember that spider and king story. Yes, my mind believes that I am like that spider.
But what do I wish today ' I hope it was empty'. I wish it was happy in that emptiness.

p.s. : I hope it achieved everything it wished, with that emptiness.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

tears in my eyes

                  Pardon my grammer today.I am writing this post in a rush,in first place I shouldnt be writing it but should concentrate on my submissions which are long due.But I cannot draw a single line without expressing my feelings.I know they wont serve any purpose.I know they are just another set of tears for you guys.Please forgive me for a 'yet another post' on this issue.
                 I cant take it.I wont take it but what can I do?I dont know! I have heard similar news  many times in past few months.Everytime my heartbeat takes a sinesoidal wave.I just wish it didnt.I want to be just another person who will show sympathy but cant offer help,As he is too busy with his own personal sinesoidal waves.I dont pity the dead,I pity the people they left behind.I pity the responsibilities they didnt complete.I pity my thought that wants to get rid of these responsibilities as soon as possible without thinking of those dead.I pity myself.My freind asked me what did you achieve by writing it ?I am not able answer his query because I dont know the answer.I may be  a pseudo patriotic but  still it hurts.
                 So if anyone knows the email id of Rahul Gandhi.Please forward it.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I wanna write something....

        Saw  order of phoenix for fifth time... will see dostana out of exam hall one hour before others....... finished an hour before that..... the girl adjacent to me was cute.... she is doing her masters and still drew margins on question paper.... but not  a great soul...  she malpracticed.....  after 21 yrs in Indian education system still I can’t do it..... my friends think I could...but I don’t think I will ever be able to ....I was highly tempted to do so....than informed JD about internship...he said good...and was very anxious about my stipend...when I told him the amount...he was like 'the people hiring you, seem to be foolish'..... Obviously they are...they studied under you.....   came back to hall ...gave back the calculator to Tarun....enquired about CAT.... reviewed the paper...checked out the blog in hope that anyone would I thought 'why shouldn’t I scribble something myself'’s my blog after all... so guys that’s the story.... wish me all the luck for my Air Conditioning exam... which is not gonna be cool...... dreadful PJ

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An entrepreneur inside me

 This post is long due to me. I always wondered when am I the most happiest? I always knew the answer but my conscience never allowed me to oblige it. The answer glared at me today. So what exactly happened today? I attended a Talk ‘An overview of our general approach and activity to startups' by Joy laskar. Joy laskar is the Schlumberger Chair in Microelectronics and also a Director at GeorgiaTech. What a personality!! I was invited by one of the friends from E-cell. Basically a courtesy call but I took it seriously. He didn’t even expect me to come and gave me the glare, which I think meant 'don’t you have anything better to do than attending Talks, get a life dude!! exams are from next week'. None can stop me from attending lectures on startup's, that’s the only passion in my life other than architecture, advertising, bureaucracy, writing etc.

                           It is a passion, believe me. I walked all the way to vgsom and was alone. None of my friends were really interested and even dude (dilip) turned me down. I think Argon18 would oblige my passion basing on my attendance record (25%).So what exactly cheered me up at this talk ?It was Joy Laskar. He didn’t speak on the organisational structures in a start-up which I hoped for. But he basically answered the question 'How should you convince venture capitalists that your enterprise would fetch a revenue of one billion and would get listed at NASDAQ in next five years?'

                          So the basic question how did he propose to do it? His first statement "Always put forward the market not the technology, VC's are not interested in a technological innovation but the market potential it has". Bang on!!The way he proposed it, might be rude for all those innovators but for me it was like 20yrs down the lane. Then he emphasised on how small is the VC world and the meager probability of getting a venture, which is in fact tending to zero. As start-ups are increasing at much higher rate than the VC's. Analysis of capital fund distribution. The ideology and psychology of investors. The mentality of a herd even in most enlightened communities.

                          Then he started drifting from startup culture into IC industry. How a nerd from G.Tech without any experience in marketing could get 25 million worth customers. He showed the picture of this nerd holding a integrated chip which at first glimpse looked like a plum cake to me. Then he showed a graph which according to him was an ideal example of whatever he wanted to explain, which by now you should have understood that I couldn’t get a word. Except for the words analog and digital for which I should thankful to my robotics experience. He emphasised on importance of credibility among the investors. Which according to him once lost will never be found. He also told the importance of explaining your business idea to as many tom, dick and harry's you can meet. This according to him made you well prepared for that one important presentation.

                          By this time, Time started playing the role of devil’s advocate. Joy Laskar had to rush up the things, so at last he emphasised on the importance of ‘Elevator Pitch’. My first reaction 'What’s that?'He modestly after explaining the importance of it, realised that crowd wasn't very amused. So he asked "Do any one of you know Elevator pitch?"Luckily to save the face of the crowd, someone answered it. It was a very simple concept. If anyone had an idea about baseball and did understand the meaning of a Pitch. If he had known how much time it takes for an elevator to traverse few floors. Then he should have cracked it. By now many of you have must have cracked it, rest consult a doctor. It was a great concept. His interrelation of Horserace and Elevator Pitch was hilarious and intuitive.

                          On the whole it was an evening that an entrepreneur would cherish. He then answered few questions, there were really few questions in fact only one. A student queried “how successful are college start-ups in gaining VC's?”The answer wasn’t astonishing but joy laskar made it even obvious. His answer "I am very good to drop-outs, as you see all the major ventures Yahoo, Google, Wipro, Apple etc. are all products of them. We people who are unfortunate to graduate are the people working under them and end up bald”. He reiterated that we hold a deadly combination of being in the age of change and being in the country with huge market potential.

                           So what made this experience happiest for me? It was the thought. I came up with so many business ideas during my walk back to the Hall. I don’t know how successful these ideas would be, if at all they are implemented .But the thing that ideas struck my head amazed me. It made me think!! It really made me think and I was happy to do the brainstorming. I like that feeling of stress and reluctance to leave the problem still I get a perfect business idea. I like the feeling of thinking unconventionally. Focus on the areas which may give me an opportunity . I like the feeling of creating something in society which would make their life’s comfortable inside the existing constraints. I like the thought that no one else could think about it. I like the entrepreneur in me.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

This one for u guys part 1...

                      My friends have decided to pass a fatwa against my blog if I didn’t stop writing about myself and start writing something which didn’t concern only my world. So I dug my brain, went deep, very very deep. After my mining voyage I have decided to apologise. I didn’t find anything which is out of my world there. So to save myself from reputation of another Rushdie or Taslima, I have decided to write the following content.


                          History: I have three sets (groups) of friends. Today I will cover one of them. This post is dedicated to all you gu(*)ys (fill the * as per your convenience).


                           I entered the college life with so many expectations and dreams. None of them were related to anything closer to academic performance but only to my sense of growth. I have been a kid all my life. Spoon feeded by mom till the age of 17, I know that’s weird. I wanted to move on from a child prodigy image to a dumbest lazy version of Don Quixote. I have never been one. Mainly because of the people around me. This was my only chance to ruin it all. I wanted it desperately. I got the exact tools I needed for this purpose. My friends during my first year (we were shifted to different halls in our senior years).

Ravi... I will miss the time we had at tennis court, the time we bicycled an extra 500 metre, just to show the girls that we too have tennis rackets and I will surely miss your jokes (the ones you cracked and ones which involved you).


Saurabh... you are an exact prototype of people that I would advice my son to avoid. I will not miss giving treats to you and I will miss your temperament during exams.


Krishna... I will miss tooth paste and your loss is the one that none else can replace because no else has your body. 

Amit (Lakhan)... I won’t be missing books from my room anymore and find it in yours. I will miss you around because still you exist I am not the one who will be bullied.


Suthar... I will miss you for everything and for a heart that cannot be produced by anyone. I will miss your shear confidence in my abilities to ruin anything.


Abhishek (baba).... I will miss your profoundly thought views (Funda), I will miss Cal(Kolkata) trips and I will miss you.

I know you guys are wondering, why this fellow didn’t give you a regular visits after we changed our halls. My only explanation for that is arey maaf kardo.


I miss the Sikkim trip. I miss bullied for being a GULT or a south Indian. I will miss the fights we had over Hindi. I will miss Ravi's never ending crush list. I will miss suthar-saurabh jodi and will be cautious of such a jodi in future. I will miss KC's (Krishna) ******.I will miss Lakhan writing in air. I will miss baba for his 21 inch monitor. I will miss you guys.

Friday, November 7, 2008


                                   We were being distributed our half yearly papers. They were calling out the respective names to collect them and I wished none of them saw my paper or heard my name ( I was flunking).So my Ears were the most active part of my body at this moment. I was impatient.I learnt then why ears are considered one of the most important sensors(other day that I realized this was when I proposed).Then I heard the teacher calling “karthik”.I ran towards her but didn’t show off any panic. I collected my sheet and calmly took my place. I was more than happy that I went unnoticed .It wasn’t strange.As I wasnt among the popular kids in my school life except for the time I played Table tennis or in a mathematics class .Then slowly after a long confrontation in mind,I checked the score. I got 74/100.Wow!! Is it real.I checked it again.Then their was sudden surge of my emotions.Then I felt ecstatic. I accepted for the first time that god actually listens to me( only me ,he has special interest in me).Then I came down, I wished that I hadn’t been so secretive about this whole affair. I wished teacher announced it herself. Man!!What a great feeling it was. I stared at the test paper for moments. My eyes were fixated to the score and after few seconds I started browsing it. Astonishingly It looked like all my mistakes were corrected by the divine power that I have already mentioned. It was really THE moment of my life!!!

                                      Then I heard the voice (noise) and this time my sensors weren’t working properly. Then I heard the voice again but it was bit bold "Thumu" the voice’s encryption ... "what?" I replied with a thought (you are disturbing my only moment of triumph against thosepeople who didn’t t believe in miracles and I hate people calling me Thumu)."Can I have My paper back"...."WHAT!!!!" but this time with a reaction (you know).Again bringing my senses back but with a rage and confusion, I queried again "wHaT??”..... "you have my paper" the Satan replied. It took me back and I checked it, so that he can be proved wrong. Hoping he was wrong. My world came crumbling (as the saying goes).The paper belonged to N.Karthik (the Satan).I couldn’t believe my eyes. He handed me the paper which he was holding. I found out which was evident in my thoughts  few seconds back 7+4=11/100.I lost my battle. I wasn’t able to conceal it from others and save myself from humiliation. I lost it all. This happened only because of KARTHIK. Karthik my ******!!!

                                     That’s my name. That’s how I am referred in this part of the world. The Americans preferred to just call me 'K' like agent 'J'. Do I love my name?? No I don’t, I wanna get rid of it. Whom should I abuse for it. You know the answer, it’s my Patrons (my parents were a just a subset of it).My grandma wanted to name me 'Karthikeyan'. She should have done it or my father shouldn’t have thought of the future. At least I would have shared my name with one of my all time favorites. Karthikeyan is much better than what I hold today. It doesn’t even serve a basic purpose for which a name is constituted (individuality).I hate my name. I know there are 1807 people according to orkut. Who are freakingly in love with this name. I don’t have anything against these guys. But why the hell, I had to be one of them?

I ended up as just one of the Karthik's, you know the black thin tall guy who has a very funny surname.


                                                                                        Thank you

                                                                                        (Inspired by Karthik)

CRAP,CRAP,CRAP and rationality( i suggest only architects read it)

                        The summer of my dreams. I landed at the location according to airport crew but to my disappointment it has been shifted from there to a place which I am still unaware. I was in land of hershley's and snickers,elvis and greenday,microsoft and apple(that’s all I got).I hoped for land of rationality and equality, dignity of labour and security, girls and ***(it’s a three letter word ,what shit!!It appears in some documents you fill out, crack it morons, I can’t say it, some girls do visit here).I didn’t get any of these. Why was I there??? On an Internship which was fully funded by the university from which I was invited. Stop acting smart moron!!you just got an  internship only based on your  skills of writing a mail and your ardent power to spam all the professors published on google.I don’t think either of these need a specialized skill.


I was working on project named Rebuilding New orleans.Why were we rebuilding it??Because it was destroyed in first place.Didnt you get that???So how was it destrotyed.Search the google.Damn you!!


In all the meetings, there always came up these words. History, Sustainability and Cost effectiveness.


They were so focused on retaining their architectural style, I wondered why??As I lived in a country which is famous for its culture but a common man there has no idea about its architectural style, do they have any architectural style, yes we do..You morons have no idea about it. I just hope they did have some idea... at least it would increase some of prospects for me in future. But here we are talking about New Orleans and about the culture that they brought from France. I don’t understand what they were protecting, when there existed some buildings only for this purpose (museums and palaces, listen I can’t always put a parenthesis and explain. You should use your brains).I didn’t understand why the hell they are spending more on this??.....just to show off that you are special and showoff that they have an identity as a society (good reason, I was being sarcastic).This nature almost puzzled me all the time. One good day I decided .......... that I will show how foolish they are… so put down a list of things. Please bare with me if I am wrong. I have come to these conclusions after thorough research (believe me or just leave).


1. Porches with a covered gabled roof


First of all I claim that I love porches (they are romantic but foolish).The roof above the porches is one of the highly prone parts during a hurricane. Due to upliftment, most of the times roof cover is lost in hurricane. In an area like New Orleans is it necessary to have it? Where it is predicted that these types of calamities may occur in future and at regular intervals (but who cares to think logically and take a simple advice).


Porches account to the buildable area(ground coverage).In a country like USA where people follow rules, it is mandatory to use only 45% area in 6000sqft plot(lot if you are American) and also  cost of land there is  not meagre.Is it Necessary??You could use it for some serviceable purpose. But again who cares? It’s not a house without a porch (blady romantics)


What is the exact purpose of this porch? No idea dude (dudettes also).My supervisors answer to this query '"it is there in every Hollywood flick. I don’t think you have seen many. A perfect neighborhood is a chain of porches and is a place where people hangout in there evenings and is used for social interaction. It’s a view deck in the evenings and you sit there to give greetings to passer-bys."What the f***.First of all... how would have I ever located US on a world map if it weren't for Hollywood and their sub conscious claim of eternal society (no offence to the nation, I liked my stay).Second who cares about others life there. Everyone is busy running their own show and if they do get a spare time they drive to far places. Trust me oldie they all have highly skewed neighborhood social life. So why is the porch still existing. I wish my superior got my point (or at least got taste of reality).



2. Kitchen layout: The triangular layout .Is it really functional today or infract does at least your rational brain support it? I really doubt it. I asked the reason for the layout. The answer wasn’t astonishing but this time from an architect himself "I don’t know it has been like that always”. Again how does it matter it has been there always. Was it an answer? The earth was always at the centre of universe if it weren’t of Galileo or his book dialogo (exaggeration!!! a kitchen layout comparison with a universe layout, what’s wrong with me dude).I know that lot has been written about abolition (exaggerating again) of stereotypes and thinking out of the box. But shit I am not saying that, I am just asking you to be rational. I am not provoking an everlasting war between generations but I am asking you to just think. Just Think!!Think!!! You are the same people who made fountainhead an all time best seller. Every one of you worshipped Howard Roark for his sense of rationality. It has been 40yrs or more still there isn’t any difference.


There are many more examples. I am not searching for them, they are just popping up and asking me (pleading me) to put some sense. At the end of day its clients call (who always follow the phrase ignorance is a bliss, shit!!it isn’t).You end up spending much more on things which will not matter or serve any purpose but are just making you an another brick in the wall (love pink Floyd).Here I was sighting an example of an elite society. We are much worse than them. We don’t even hire an architect and end up spending 2-3 times more on construction .At least in the land of Baywatch they got my views, here you aren’t even obliged to get them.


                                                                                        Thank you


                                                                                                                                                              (Inspired by Irrationality)   


Thursday, November 6, 2008


   I think of the days when I dreamt of being a journalist. Why am I not putting an effort into it? May be I am not creative enough? May be I don’t have the zeal to be a (gr8)writer? What happened to those days when I thought writing is the only way to show my true self? Why am I telling you all this?! no idea dude... I wish I had more time (or could create some) to spare for this everlasting passion of mine. But this post isn’t about my aspiration or a list of lame excuses for my lack of willpower. I feel nostalgic and would like to thank one person in particular that compelled me to write this post with their actions(they will know).It’s about a person who called me Kid!


                            First of all I am a kid(I am still unaware with the art of justification and I am still honest!)Before I emphasize my point you should know what aroused this post. From past few months I have been searching for writers for some purpose(I will explain it in some other post, it will take years..haha).To my astonishment(I wasn’t paying them) I found some people. A very good bunch of writers from all parts of the country!!I came in contact with so many ideas and views. I am more than thankful to all those people who sent their works to me. I was honest towards all of them in my remarks; I went through all of their posts word by word and tried to do justice to their hard work with an honest comment. People who took criticism in a proper fashion...I thank you guys for your tolerance....but this post is for a person who didn’t and couldn’t (long live insanity but a damn good writer)... I just gave a honest opinion that one of your posts lacked clarity. Yes it did in my opinion; I just told you what I felt after reading it. I maintained a certain code of chivalry to tell you and not the whole world about it, I didn’t abuse you or judge your character in front of others. Just gave an opinion!!!!


                              What do I get in return? Analysis of my character, citing me as an example to warn others. Calling me a sadist, who seeks amusement by undermining people. A selfish person who judges others, just for personal  satisfaction. Proclaiming that I am a kind of person that should be avoided!!!


                             What do you expect? Please tell me from next time what you want to hear. I will exactly do that.... do you expect everyone in the world to think the way you do?  Is that so!!Than please inform before... we will all turn into stereotypes that would have emerged out of your imagination. You are nothing less than a god!!


                              What do you expect from me??? An apology?  You win. I am sorry for giving an honest opinion. I am sorry I didn’t act mature like all the morons. I am just a lame KID!!There you have it.


                              I just wish that people are not overpowered by their Egos. I know criticism hurts, I have been criticized but if I didn’t  endure it, than its only my  world out there (self centric I would be). Everyone tries to justify their acts. It’s a human nature (one of the other traits),their justification is based on whatever knowledge they have developed in their life. But if you are right all the time and people with adverse thoughts are always wrong. Then please leave your address I would definitely  wish to take classes from you. A standstill clarity that I always hoped for and had to  be satisfied with the fact  that I have been only tending  towards it like an asymptotic function but with a positive slope. I want to meet this person who has defied the rules of nature. I surely would like to be  tutored by this person. I will be saving an enormous amount of time that I spend on achieving perfection!!!


                                        Remember everyone is an angel in their thought. But real ones are those who are in others thoughts.



                                                                                          Thank you




                                                                            (Inspired by MATURITY)