Saturday, January 21, 2012

From being a river to lake

My dear friend become a river,

Don’t let the stagnation come near, Never.

Beware of becoming a lake,

Its ephemeral happiness will soon become fake.

River flows without ambition & destiny,

Lake waits for heavens to pour with agony.

Lake is nothing but an island,

It can’t wander any other land.

Let open all the gates of intellect,

It’s the only way to make your soul reflect.

Oh my friend become a river,

Don’t let stagnation near, Never.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Its all about block !!!

The man who is stalking the clock

Possesses all the keys to my future

He lures & pushes me into this vitruvian block

As I gaze upon this stupid block which has no architecture repoitre

I think block, block, it’s all about this stupid block.

As I try to marry this block

It fights for eternal superiority

In due time it ends with a emotional block

Now to orient it has become a priority

I think block, block, its all about this stupid block

Client like a orthodox father of this bride block reviews me with a click

My man goes into a mental block , He is again stalking the clock

For me it’s block, block , its all about this stupid block.