Wednesday, June 3, 2009


The word seems to be pretty vogue among all students. The word itself demands respect among us. The reasons which were offered to me-
1) They offer you real-time professional experience
2) Make u feel worthy enough to be paid.

So Is this post an epitome of internship credibility? No. This post is all about my frustness (frustration) that I experienced in all my past Internships. Why are they sooooooooo Highly rated among us?? In a usual classroom they are always people who inform us about the value of a professional experience. So what is this professional experience? Simply Its just working among more and more constraints. How can a constraint be good. Constraint is always bad. It CONSTRAINTS your brain. Let me put in some examples (to all those who didn’t experience it)

You can build a 20mt cantilevered space in a classroom. In real world money is a constraint. In classroom you can think of exact engineering in constructing a beam. In real world just copy the building codes. In classroom you can discuss your thought and if prof rejects it, you don’t have to push a panic button. In office be careful with every word you use. Classrooms are built so that you earn how to learn. Offices are built so that u learn how to earn.

Offices are better for those who live for bread. Classrooms are better for those who bread to live. Choose which category you belong to.

P.S. - Never abuse your profs. They were the one who taught you how to learn.