Thursday, January 1, 2009

Development !!!

I have been wondering ' what is the actual purpose of my blog?'. The answer to that would be 'to make a collection of my randomly occurring not-so stupid meticulous thoughts'. I could however maintain a diary!! Yaa but it feels like a celebrity when someone reads your thoughts and even better if they comment on it,so please do. I also get a reality check. So todays post is about 'My strategic planning for the development of rural people dependant on Agriculture'. My dad is a Farmer, So that inspires me to think about it.
It is a well known fact that India has been achieving high growth rates and a more well known fact it is majorily limited to urban India. There has been rise in migration from villages. There have been many protests regarding this issue and many fingers are being pointed towards the authenticity of growth index. But I ask them WHY SUCH PESSIMISM?!! Migration from the field of Agriculture is the best thing that ever happened to this country. Land is constant but our population isn't. India faces the major problems in agriculture because of the small scale of farmlands . There isn't a market for heavy machinery oriented agriculture which leads to less economic output per person. So if migration increases and people are changing there occupations, its actually increasing the value output of farmer per unit land. If you look back into history, you will notice that there is no major economy which became 'Major' basing on agriculture. So my first point to future generations and potential parents of that generation to encourage migration form Agriculture
Second point has been much spoken about and has always been on the brochure of electoral campaigns of all the political parties. That use of science and technology to increase the yield of the fields. Yes! Once upon a time there was a green revolution in 1970's. India became self sufficient. But why such an OPTIMISM here. The government has been spending huge amount of economic and intellectual property on this cause only. The results have not been very encouraging,least of all mind boggling. I just wonder what the politicians plan to do!! They may be able to achieve higher yields but will that actually result in increase of income to farmers. The research should have been towards value addition of present output,ex- Ethanol manufacturing. This should actually impact the farmers economic condition. So my second point is value addition.
How many times have you eaten noodles?? Strange question. That is the impact of proper marketing. I cant comprehend the fact that our companies never tried to market our sweets or cuisines in packaged forms outside India. There has been beginning, all compliments to haldirams,ITC etc.. But still there impact is very localised. When Chinese could create a market for noodles all over the world,why cant India?? Third Point we should create a market for our products outside India. This will have a huge impact on economic condition of farmers. So to achieve this,first government has to encourage private companies into this sector. They will take this baton from the government. So to do so government should encourage companies to setup factories in rural areas. For government to do so we should not fall into the trap of opposition parties. To do so our people should have a proper knowledge of this happenings.

P.S.- This post was inspired by the lameness of Tata IDEA cellular operating services ad. If you remember 'JUNTA ne naa kaha toh NAA'.