Sunday, February 28, 2010


Screaming like a dog
In the midst of fog,
Engulfed by pain
I try in vain.

Twilight Kisses my Ass
Just to Harass
In clutches of dark
I was left alone to bark.

Sitting in form of Indian litter
I hope the future to glitter
Breeze whistles in my ear
I wish not to hear.

Its because I took the Road not Taken
Which said Forsaken
My eyes are now moist
Fuck Robert Frost !!


  1. v gud gultesh.... pehli baar kuch samjh me aaya tumhara likha hua.... but fir v pura nahi :P

  2. hard to ingest
    difficult to digest

    dont write again
    dont create pain

  3. osome launde....... mast likha hain, but y so angry with robert frost

  4. @ saurav mujhe kuch poora nahi karna tah
    @ sushank thanks for encouragemnt

  5. enti roi adhi neeku encouragement laa anipistundaa

  6. @ govind thanks ... i dont know... some to blame for me

  7. thank you... i am blown off by the fact that you commented ..... thank you so much

  8. well written thumu ... could have been a lot better though ... :)

  9. @ kamal thanks ....@ saabu fuck fuck fuck!!!

  10. fuck u konda... i dont like diplomacy asss

  11. Why did you delete the comment on my blog? You are entitled to your opinions, you know :-).

    I am not as naive to say that everyone is just great but there are definitely good people around. Some people are bad - really bad but sometimes I think we choose to focus so much on the bad people that we never see the good ones in our lives.
    I am sure you at least have some good people in your life as well.

    Please feel free to voice your opinion on my blog. I respect yours :-)

  12. Remember, people are almost always going to bring you down, the question is how much are you going to let them effect your personality? :-)

    The choice, at the end of the day, is yours.
    I choose to see the good despite seeing misery all around me. And that take courage, my friend.

  13. nice attempt, a readable post atlast.......though it is hard on the meter and tough on the reader,

    and what's that road you've taken?

  14. fuck u...dude how can it readable if its hard on meter and tough on reader :P .... a road that shows up evryday ....

  15. Well, I'm taken by surprise to find this fucked up facet of an apparently-always-merry Karthik!