Sunday, March 6, 2011

What say You ??

"Lets write karthik . Its high time u gave some time to me otherwise u will loose me. I have been considerate about your work pressures but I cant take it anymore. "

Thats the way my blog feels at present .If it was any resemblance to my original self it would say " abe saale bahut hogaya, mereko kya samjhke rakha hain ". So just to avoid an embarrassing situation , I will write something.

  • I have started cooking scrambled eggs, as it doesn't require any expertise.
  • I have stopped working, as I am not given any these days.
  • I have come with a new hobby. To document all the( hard) beverages in alphabetical order & within an year drink all of them. This would be amazing :P
  • I have started as freelancing Architect , as I am getting some new jobs.Good for my bank account :)
  • Will stop using 'i' & start thinking of 'we' :D
Thats it on my personal front & here is something on global terms.

I believed everyone was different in my childhood but thoughts change. Today I believe ' Everyone tries to be different '.

I believed that I am born special but as my uncle advised ' special is the one who doesn't think he is special'.

I believed that philosopher's , scholars etc will teach you everything but today I believe ' they teach me everything cant be achieved'

I believed in Love & I still do :P . ( :I cant scare away girls :)

I believed to be an iconoclast but today I believe that ' maybe being iconoclastic is no more an iconoclastic'

So my dear friends, I am not here to give away gyan but to share my stupid thoughts. So please comment & endorse my thoughts :)


  1. please enlighten us about that anda-papad thingy too :P
    why dont you set about writing something happy?

  2. When I am happy ...i usually get drunk or get drunk :) .... so there is no scope for me to write something legible in that state but when I am lil bit down ,writing helps me to rejuvenate.

    Thats y kid, all of the posts have a sad tone.