Friday, January 6, 2012

Its all about block !!!

The man who is stalking the clock

Possesses all the keys to my future

He lures & pushes me into this vitruvian block

As I gaze upon this stupid block which has no architecture repoitre

I think block, block, it’s all about this stupid block.

As I try to marry this block

It fights for eternal superiority

In due time it ends with a emotional block

Now to orient it has become a priority

I think block, block, its all about this stupid block

Client like a orthodox father of this bride block reviews me with a click

My man goes into a mental block , He is again stalking the clock

For me it’s block, block , its all about this stupid block.


  1. Aww... but that's an interesting way to put it :-)

  2. I am not sure u got this one :P .... anyways thanks again :)