Friday, November 7, 2008

CRAP,CRAP,CRAP and rationality( i suggest only architects read it)

                        The summer of my dreams. I landed at the location according to airport crew but to my disappointment it has been shifted from there to a place which I am still unaware. I was in land of hershley's and snickers,elvis and greenday,microsoft and apple(that’s all I got).I hoped for land of rationality and equality, dignity of labour and security, girls and ***(it’s a three letter word ,what shit!!It appears in some documents you fill out, crack it morons, I can’t say it, some girls do visit here).I didn’t get any of these. Why was I there??? On an Internship which was fully funded by the university from which I was invited. Stop acting smart moron!!you just got an  internship only based on your  skills of writing a mail and your ardent power to spam all the professors published on google.I don’t think either of these need a specialized skill.


I was working on project named Rebuilding New orleans.Why were we rebuilding it??Because it was destroyed in first place.Didnt you get that???So how was it destrotyed.Search the google.Damn you!!


In all the meetings, there always came up these words. History, Sustainability and Cost effectiveness.


They were so focused on retaining their architectural style, I wondered why??As I lived in a country which is famous for its culture but a common man there has no idea about its architectural style, do they have any architectural style, yes we do..You morons have no idea about it. I just hope they did have some idea... at least it would increase some of prospects for me in future. But here we are talking about New Orleans and about the culture that they brought from France. I don’t understand what they were protecting, when there existed some buildings only for this purpose (museums and palaces, listen I can’t always put a parenthesis and explain. You should use your brains).I didn’t understand why the hell they are spending more on this??.....just to show off that you are special and showoff that they have an identity as a society (good reason, I was being sarcastic).This nature almost puzzled me all the time. One good day I decided .......... that I will show how foolish they are… so put down a list of things. Please bare with me if I am wrong. I have come to these conclusions after thorough research (believe me or just leave).


1. Porches with a covered gabled roof


First of all I claim that I love porches (they are romantic but foolish).The roof above the porches is one of the highly prone parts during a hurricane. Due to upliftment, most of the times roof cover is lost in hurricane. In an area like New Orleans is it necessary to have it? Where it is predicted that these types of calamities may occur in future and at regular intervals (but who cares to think logically and take a simple advice).


Porches account to the buildable area(ground coverage).In a country like USA where people follow rules, it is mandatory to use only 45% area in 6000sqft plot(lot if you are American) and also  cost of land there is  not meagre.Is it Necessary??You could use it for some serviceable purpose. But again who cares? It’s not a house without a porch (blady romantics)


What is the exact purpose of this porch? No idea dude (dudettes also).My supervisors answer to this query '"it is there in every Hollywood flick. I don’t think you have seen many. A perfect neighborhood is a chain of porches and is a place where people hangout in there evenings and is used for social interaction. It’s a view deck in the evenings and you sit there to give greetings to passer-bys."What the f***.First of all... how would have I ever located US on a world map if it weren't for Hollywood and their sub conscious claim of eternal society (no offence to the nation, I liked my stay).Second who cares about others life there. Everyone is busy running their own show and if they do get a spare time they drive to far places. Trust me oldie they all have highly skewed neighborhood social life. So why is the porch still existing. I wish my superior got my point (or at least got taste of reality).



2. Kitchen layout: The triangular layout .Is it really functional today or infract does at least your rational brain support it? I really doubt it. I asked the reason for the layout. The answer wasn’t astonishing but this time from an architect himself "I don’t know it has been like that always”. Again how does it matter it has been there always. Was it an answer? The earth was always at the centre of universe if it weren’t of Galileo or his book dialogo (exaggeration!!! a kitchen layout comparison with a universe layout, what’s wrong with me dude).I know that lot has been written about abolition (exaggerating again) of stereotypes and thinking out of the box. But shit I am not saying that, I am just asking you to be rational. I am not provoking an everlasting war between generations but I am asking you to just think. Just Think!!Think!!! You are the same people who made fountainhead an all time best seller. Every one of you worshipped Howard Roark for his sense of rationality. It has been 40yrs or more still there isn’t any difference.


There are many more examples. I am not searching for them, they are just popping up and asking me (pleading me) to put some sense. At the end of day its clients call (who always follow the phrase ignorance is a bliss, shit!!it isn’t).You end up spending much more on things which will not matter or serve any purpose but are just making you an another brick in the wall (love pink Floyd).Here I was sighting an example of an elite society. We are much worse than them. We don’t even hire an architect and end up spending 2-3 times more on construction .At least in the land of Baywatch they got my views, here you aren’t even obliged to get them.


                                                                                        Thank you


                                                                                                                                                              (Inspired by Irrationality)   



  1. Err... But then, was your internship successful or no? ;-P

  2. no.............not at alll ......all of the wrong things were retained..... they only accepted some of my hurricane resistant detailing.... which was basic physics..... those ppl didnt hav clue about...

    rest n planning they just changed a location of stop me from pesturing them....

    but yaa its not a land of euality me on this one..... its just a land of freedom for indian girls... because had hell lotta atime...because no one was staring at her all the time....

    okka leave that did u seriosly like my post... i hav beeen bombarded by msgs from ppl... callin me moron....

  3. abey eyh kay haoo raha hain...

  4. "You morons have no idea about it." - in real bad taste man. In India, people are so busy trying to make a living that anything like architectural styles, blah blah become impractical things for them.... or so i think

  5. I totally undersatnd akash... but my point ... if they working so hard for money they could save some.

  6. That definitely was a good post. :-)
    I like all the force that you end up pushing into your posts. Like they say... Hitting it hard ;-)

    And I agree with Akash, to the point that many Indians don't have enough basics, to worry about styles. But then, how many great buildings have the top-notch rich got constructed? Not the whole of India is of the cannot-afford counter.

    It is more the lack of appreciation of skill and art for the most part of India; not just architecture, any field. I think India more or less is proud of itself, so much so that it has become incapable of change! Sad lives!