Thursday, November 27, 2008

tears in my eyes

                  Pardon my grammer today.I am writing this post in a rush,in first place I shouldnt be writing it but should concentrate on my submissions which are long due.But I cannot draw a single line without expressing my feelings.I know they wont serve any purpose.I know they are just another set of tears for you guys.Please forgive me for a 'yet another post' on this issue.
                 I cant take it.I wont take it but what can I do?I dont know! I have heard similar news  many times in past few months.Everytime my heartbeat takes a sinesoidal wave.I just wish it didnt.I want to be just another person who will show sympathy but cant offer help,As he is too busy with his own personal sinesoidal waves.I dont pity the dead,I pity the people they left behind.I pity the responsibilities they didnt complete.I pity my thought that wants to get rid of these responsibilities as soon as possible without thinking of those dead.I pity myself.My freind asked me what did you achieve by writing it ?I am not able answer his query because I dont know the answer.I may be  a pseudo patriotic but  still it hurts.
                 So if anyone knows the email id of Rahul Gandhi.Please forward it.

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