Thursday, November 6, 2008


   I think of the days when I dreamt of being a journalist. Why am I not putting an effort into it? May be I am not creative enough? May be I don’t have the zeal to be a (gr8)writer? What happened to those days when I thought writing is the only way to show my true self? Why am I telling you all this?! no idea dude... I wish I had more time (or could create some) to spare for this everlasting passion of mine. But this post isn’t about my aspiration or a list of lame excuses for my lack of willpower. I feel nostalgic and would like to thank one person in particular that compelled me to write this post with their actions(they will know).It’s about a person who called me Kid!


                            First of all I am a kid(I am still unaware with the art of justification and I am still honest!)Before I emphasize my point you should know what aroused this post. From past few months I have been searching for writers for some purpose(I will explain it in some other post, it will take years..haha).To my astonishment(I wasn’t paying them) I found some people. A very good bunch of writers from all parts of the country!!I came in contact with so many ideas and views. I am more than thankful to all those people who sent their works to me. I was honest towards all of them in my remarks; I went through all of their posts word by word and tried to do justice to their hard work with an honest comment. People who took criticism in a proper fashion...I thank you guys for your tolerance....but this post is for a person who didn’t and couldn’t (long live insanity but a damn good writer)... I just gave a honest opinion that one of your posts lacked clarity. Yes it did in my opinion; I just told you what I felt after reading it. I maintained a certain code of chivalry to tell you and not the whole world about it, I didn’t abuse you or judge your character in front of others. Just gave an opinion!!!!


                              What do I get in return? Analysis of my character, citing me as an example to warn others. Calling me a sadist, who seeks amusement by undermining people. A selfish person who judges others, just for personal  satisfaction. Proclaiming that I am a kind of person that should be avoided!!!


                             What do you expect? Please tell me from next time what you want to hear. I will exactly do that.... do you expect everyone in the world to think the way you do?  Is that so!!Than please inform before... we will all turn into stereotypes that would have emerged out of your imagination. You are nothing less than a god!!


                              What do you expect from me??? An apology?  You win. I am sorry for giving an honest opinion. I am sorry I didn’t act mature like all the morons. I am just a lame KID!!There you have it.


                              I just wish that people are not overpowered by their Egos. I know criticism hurts, I have been criticized but if I didn’t  endure it, than its only my  world out there (self centric I would be). Everyone tries to justify their acts. It’s a human nature (one of the other traits),their justification is based on whatever knowledge they have developed in their life. But if you are right all the time and people with adverse thoughts are always wrong. Then please leave your address I would definitely  wish to take classes from you. A standstill clarity that I always hoped for and had to  be satisfied with the fact  that I have been only tending  towards it like an asymptotic function but with a positive slope. I want to meet this person who has defied the rules of nature. I surely would like to be  tutored by this person. I will be saving an enormous amount of time that I spend on achieving perfection!!!


                                        Remember everyone is an angel in their thought. But real ones are those who are in others thoughts.



                                                                                          Thank you




                                                                            (Inspired by MATURITY)



  1. define ego...
    i have been soooo surrounded by this word of late that it is really buggin!!!
    ur analysis is absolutely right. in a world where every one is his own person you are bound to run up against one person's ego or the other's. it takes a truly heroic effort to take them in the spirit. sometimes it is easy sometimes it is not. i really dont know of anyone who can take every one of his criticism gracefully.
    EGO... ahm ahm ahm... u quite covered it all. good write up...

  2. nice one thumu!!!
    i think 'criticism' would be a better title than 'ego'. U wrote that 'this post is for a person to whom u gave ur honest opinion', where is ur 'opinion' in the blog...sharing ur critique would had made this post more interesting :)

  3. This thing about being a kid stuck me dude.. Rationality is one of the many things ppl find easy to
    acquire and follow- after all they have been trained like that-
    but once in a while, great ppl come who think in a way different from
    what is considered rational in their times. they all were kids too ...
    It's not that bad after all..

    I agree with vijay.... we want to know more about your 'honest opinion'

  4. i hav said it na...... i gave an opinion that post lacked clarity or showed ur confused thats all wer praises...

  5. Hey Karthik. Hey everyone.

    Now, None of you might know me as a blogger; leave alone as a person.
    Putting it straight. This post was for Me. (Me! Me! Seems like stardom already!)

    The follwing is the link to the post, that was called 'the post with a lack of clarity'.
    Now, that it is getting publicity in the dark; I would like to make it shine; It doesn't cost anything anyway! ;-)

    And the post, where the word 'KID', was used was

    Just to clarify, it was Karthik's honest comment that made me write that post 'immediately', but then, sure not that which gave birth to the thought in me. I was annoyed with many many such comments before. And at my blog, I do 'everything' and 'anything' I want to. That is my 'excuse', as it can be termed. But, aren't all justifications, excuses until a point of time! ;-)

    And this is Karthik's blog, I respect his right, to write all that he wants here. :-)

    Thanks again Karthik; now for diverting traffic to my blog!

  6. yaa ppl asked who it was... i said it was imaginary... so that you dont feel embarresed ..... but its ur choice.

  7. Sire Mr Karthik, 21 years ka booda ho gaya aur abhi bhi kah raha hai ki u r kid ........ jaago dude jaago ......agar sahi waqt pe teri shaadi ho jaati to aaj tera 3 saalka beta bhi hota .....get life dude and write something creative

    @$%*$^#%(@#*&^$&#%*@(ye sabhi languages mein galiya hai)

  8. haha.... eternal yousuf sustains.... and his criticism also.... Yaa sur but there sayin which may be crap.... but for the sake of just giving u back.... correct age is defined only in his/her heart... not by number of wrinkles on his face...

  9. There seems to be quite an interesting discussion about this. Karthik, I really liked your post very much.
    The funny thing here in the entire discussion is you guys here want to be 'Angel in everybody's thoughts'(as karthik say).Ideally it is a perfect thought.
    As far as i know it does not work that way ..... We can't expect everybody to like everything about us... we just have to be okay with that.... After all no one is that perfect.

  10. dilip ....evryone tries to be an angel...