Sunday, November 9, 2008

This one for u guys part 1...

                      My friends have decided to pass a fatwa against my blog if I didn’t stop writing about myself and start writing something which didn’t concern only my world. So I dug my brain, went deep, very very deep. After my mining voyage I have decided to apologise. I didn’t find anything which is out of my world there. So to save myself from reputation of another Rushdie or Taslima, I have decided to write the following content.


                          History: I have three sets (groups) of friends. Today I will cover one of them. This post is dedicated to all you gu(*)ys (fill the * as per your convenience).


                           I entered the college life with so many expectations and dreams. None of them were related to anything closer to academic performance but only to my sense of growth. I have been a kid all my life. Spoon feeded by mom till the age of 17, I know that’s weird. I wanted to move on from a child prodigy image to a dumbest lazy version of Don Quixote. I have never been one. Mainly because of the people around me. This was my only chance to ruin it all. I wanted it desperately. I got the exact tools I needed for this purpose. My friends during my first year (we were shifted to different halls in our senior years).

Ravi... I will miss the time we had at tennis court, the time we bicycled an extra 500 metre, just to show the girls that we too have tennis rackets and I will surely miss your jokes (the ones you cracked and ones which involved you).


Saurabh... you are an exact prototype of people that I would advice my son to avoid. I will not miss giving treats to you and I will miss your temperament during exams.


Krishna... I will miss tooth paste and your loss is the one that none else can replace because no else has your body. 

Amit (Lakhan)... I won’t be missing books from my room anymore and find it in yours. I will miss you around because still you exist I am not the one who will be bullied.


Suthar... I will miss you for everything and for a heart that cannot be produced by anyone. I will miss your shear confidence in my abilities to ruin anything.


Abhishek (baba).... I will miss your profoundly thought views (Funda), I will miss Cal(Kolkata) trips and I will miss you.

I know you guys are wondering, why this fellow didn’t give you a regular visits after we changed our halls. My only explanation for that is arey maaf kardo.


I miss the Sikkim trip. I miss bullied for being a GULT or a south Indian. I will miss the fights we had over Hindi. I will miss Ravi's never ending crush list. I will miss suthar-saurabh jodi and will be cautious of such a jodi in future. I will miss KC's (Krishna) ******.I will miss Lakhan writing in air. I will miss baba for his 21 inch monitor. I will miss you guys.


  1. none of these are erdant readers so... i dont expect comments...

  2. and as this blog entry comes a day b4 my birthday .. i would take this as a birthday gift .. and I couldn't a lovelier gift from any of my frnds [:)] thanksss even if it wasn't intended to be my birthday gift !! loved every word of it ..

  3. it was bday gift.. kyunki paisa nahi tah... toh oscha kya dey joo free mein milta hain... toh sento maar diya...

  4. i lov chameli(???)......... :P
    the very fist thing that i got in kgp is amazing first yr frnds. i miss those beautiful nites that we spend together :)
    wo 1st yr me dinner k baad ka photo session, ghum-2 k photo lena.
    ILP ka sadak chhap photo(sala meri baari me uangli kar diya tha), ravi ki nautanki waale photo, wo lakhan k library wala masto photo,wo chameli ka andere me gum ho jana :P, wo baba ka phunda.wo suthar ke komal hath :)
    wo JCB canteen ka fried rice,aloo paratha.
    wo bhodus ka mitha paan..
    wo ek dusare ki taang khichna (special focus on lakhan) :), aur wo lakhan ka meri taraf focus karne ka fite marna. ;)
    wo chameli k room ka bhajan. chameli ka frusst hoge bhaag jana.
    wo bhatinda ki lena,wo comp ko virus( ??) se bachna :)
    i really miss thos moments.

    i wish we will always be frnd.

  5. u were right ... we are not ardent readers ... but thanks a lot for a typical Indian Style gift ... " sento " :D

  6. are thumu ra....saale makhau...aata to tha nahi milne aur bas ab sirf ek baat "MAAF KAR DO "..
    MAJAK CHAL RAHA HAI KYA ???????????
    par sahi kahaa...sikkim ki woh wali shaam jisme hindi debate kiya tha...kabhi nahi bhulegi
    Aur kc saale pehli baat
    "those beautiful nites that we spend together :)"
    mere alawa kisi ke baare me sochna bhi mat..aur thumu tu bhi kabhi gandi najar se mat dekhna KC ko.
    Chinta mat kar Mein aur saurabh tere ko kabhi nahi chhodenge..chaahe teri biwi tere saath kyun na ho [:))]
    Waise thumu mast likha hai be...sahi me bahut mast din the..ab next yr ye to chalen jaayenge ...ab bhai mere ko akela mat chhod tu archi me gum aur baba bandi ke saath... warna agla saal nikalna mushkil ho jaayega :(

  7. paise kabhi hota hai kya tere paas.....
    waise bhi ur writings real good thumu!
    @ravi.....waiting for tonighght :P

  8. @kc...hum humasha dost rahenga... tera shaadi mein pakka bulana.."wo suthar ke komal hath" observe karo baaaki log...
    @ravi... tera liya kcuh bii.
    @sutahr.... haan bey no more archi... first year was with u.. and last one will aslo be with u..
    @baba.... 100 rs liya hain.. saale mujhe bikari bana diya uske liya..

  9. what happend? koi gujar gaya hai kyaa?
    kyaa hogaya all of a sudden miss you miss you bolne laga. Abe we still are in Kharagpur and we have 1 more sem togo so don't start missing people already.I am sure you will miss them next year because we and you won't be here. Don't worry I won't miss you next year.

  10. arey lucky you.....i am leaving nest sem for practical training... archi huun bhool gaya....i will cum back next year..till then my frens will be gone...